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01:25:19 PM Feb 2nd 2015
edited by SignSeeker7
Should we mention that Scott has considered continuing the series into Half-Life 2 but wants to work on other projects first? If so, should it be in the main description or is there a trope to put in under?
02:23:59 PM Feb 2nd 2015
The description. I don't know of any trope that would cover this, since it's just on hiatus, not in Development Hell or anything.
01:06:17 PM Dec 10th 2013
Does anyone know how to fix that problem with the folders?
01:38:20 AM Dec 11th 2013
Folders can only hold so much text. Split it into more, smaller folders and it'll work.
04:26:02 AM Jul 2nd 2013
I do think that the new sound effects are weird, but I like them. They'll just take some time for me to get used to...
05:37:19 PM May 7th 2013
I posted this on youtube:

"Man, if it wasn't for the fact that he would have to make Doom Guy's Mind 1-6 and make it match up with this as well as keep using that voice (which must be a bitch), I would BEG him to keep making these as well as Freeman's mind. Though, now, I just have to hope he decides to do both. Oh, and Machima, if you are reading this, Ross is getting antsy. If you make him wait any longer, someone's going to come along and offer him a contract for Freemans Mind. You made him relax with this. but... Yeah"

and this on the Accursed forums:

"It's funny, when Doom Guy's Mind came out, I got top post for saying that Machinima better step of their game or you would probably leave. Now I'm getting spammed by people who are pointing out you left. I had no idea you were going to do that. XD I'm like, "yeah, I know, isn't it great!"

Any who, you aren't the only one who thinks youtube is going in the toilet. A famous Let's Player and Starcraft commentator that calls himself Husky Starcraft agrees with you. It really has me discouraged. I'm really lazy, but if I ever get a nice set-up, I was going to do let's plays and now I hear guys like me don't even stand a chance to get any views. I mean, I shouldn't do it for the views or any money I could get from ads, but without them, I'm just using my time making videos that no one will launch and I'll be supporting the company that just doesn't give a shit about the smaller guys. Yeah, I like the 'recommended for you' function, but this is ridiculous!"

What do you guys think? Do you think Ross was right to leave Machinima? Do you think youtube is becoming evil? Do you think it's hard for small time video makers to start off due to youtube's new policies?
12:46:33 PM May 4th 2013
Saw this coming. Scott left Machinima. We going to have to remove this from Machinima.
03:49:26 PM May 10th 2012
There are already plenty of examples from Shephard's Mind. How about adding some more from the others?
11:27:53 AM Apr 3rd 2012
edited by Voyd211
Do you think that the Freeman's Mind page should be made? One entry for each narrator, e.g. Gordon, Adrian, Barney, Chell, etc.
12:45:36 PM Oct 24th 2013
I think not. Mostly because character tropes for Gordon take up most of the main page. Given that the whole point of the series to characterize Freeman, and its basically the only difference between FM and the game it uses, a character page would be redundant.
09:14:11 AM Jan 13th 2012
06:32:26 PM Jan 11th 2012
Just watched this after a year or so of thinking about watching it. Recap and quotes pages are up.
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