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08:14:09 PM Aug 3rd 2014
Madeline Raith calling the wardens and expecting them in the hour would seem to be her not being able to think like anything but an entitled bitch who expects to be given what she wants when she wants it. So, could this be Villain Ball or Wrong Genre Savvy?
07:35:19 AM Aug 4th 2014
It doesn't have to do with her thinking she's in a particular type of story, so it's not any sort of Genre Savvy.
09:07:17 AM Aug 4th 2014
Yeah, nope with regards to Wrong Genre Savvy. Also, I am not seeing how it fits into Villain Ball either.
01:09:44 PM Aug 28th 2013
Considering Rashid says that it isn't time for Harry to challenge the White Council just yet can we call Harry The Chosen One here?