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03:08:06 PM Apr 9th 2018
"Renton is either unaware of, or too drugged-up to realize, the fact that meeting her in a club pretty clearly indicates that she should be of age, or else not have been allowed in. A public defender (or whatever the Scottish equivalent is) 10 minutes out of law school would get him out of any trouble she tried to get him in."

That shit won't work in the US, and I imagine many other places. You don't get to say "but it was the bouncer's job to check her age so..." Even [ a girl who shows you a fake ID with a fake age is not a positive defense]. Someone else not determining age isn't an excuse for you not to determine age.
07:53:18 PM Dec 17th 2017
This is a rather minor quibble, but with:

  • Crotch-Grab Sex Check: Begbie chats up a woman at a club and takes her to his car to get to know her better. After 'inspecting the goods' he finds out she is a transvestite and kicks her out of his ride.

It does bear mentioning that it isn't clear whether it is his car or the transvestite's. Evidence against it being his includes him not actually kicking her out of the car (he stumbles out of it in shock and kicks the wall, before the scene cuts) and the fact that he's laying low in London during these scenes, so, crazy git that he may be, he'd probably know better than to bring his own car or steal one in the city.
11:33:32 AM Dec 20th 2015
The film and book shouldn't be combined on the same page. They're very different and are both notable works in their respective medium.
05:03:14 PM Jun 8th 2013
Under Unsettling Gender Reveal, someone wrote:

"Eventually, the violently homophobic Begbie caught Renton fondling the transvestite and beat him until he couldn't walk for a couple days."

I'll need a citation for this. I've read the different chapters of the novel numerous times and can't remember this happening. In fact I don't think Begbie ever tried, or wanted to assault Renton, at least not with malevolence, until the events of Porno.
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