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12:32:10 PM Jul 11th 2015
To Set a Watchman was actually written first, and Lee's editor advised her to rework it around Scout's childhood, having the glossed-over flashbacks take center stage.

Given those facts, should we consider it a true sequel or more of an alternate universe? The review I read of the book in the New York Times mentioned Tom Robinson being acquitted, which makes the AU case even more plausible.
05:32:37 PM Jul 11th 2015
Yeah, it's an AU. It was an unpublished draft. I have no idea why people are treating it as a sequel.
07:28:51 PM Jul 12th 2015
Maybe we should change the trope page to reflect that then o.o
08:59:14 PM Jul 4th 2015
I think there may be a factual issue with this example.

"Bittersweet Ending:Tom Robinson is falsely convicted and is shot dead by cops and Atticus' faith in the justice has taken a big hit as a result. But Bob Ewell is killed and his name made a laughingstock and Scout becomes friends with Boo Radley, with the implication that he may be better understood by the community. Not to mention that the sheriff lets Boo off the hook for killing Bob to save the children and without her abusive father around, Mayella will probably be able to move on to a better life."

I won't change it myself since it's been a while and I don't have a copy on hand, but IIRC it was prison guards, not cops.
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