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10:48:49 PM Feb 25th 2015
  • Lost in Translation: The most well-known English translation renders the French écu as "crown", because most British readers at the time the translation was made would be familiar with how much a crown was worth. (A modern British reader would probably think of £0.25, thus throwing off the sense of how much an écu was actually worth.)

Most of the people reading TV Tropes aren't 19th-century Englishmen, so this example needs some more details filled in. How much was an écu actually worth? What would 19th-century British readers have thought of a crown as being worth, and how is that different from the 20th-century crown worth a quarter of a pound?

If you're going to say that something was lost in translation, it helps to explain — remembering, again, that your audience here are the very people you're saying have lost it — what it is that's been lost.
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