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02:08:27 AM Jan 12th 2014
Somewhere in the explanations of Eskimos Aren't Real and Author Tract there is a subversion of something, but I'm not sure of what.

So, basically, as those two sections sum up, the Lady of the Green Kirtle is making some Narnian versions of arguments for atheism (although she herself doesn't believe them, that's kind of irrelevant here, I think). The subversion is that those arguments aren't used to set up the main characters to come up with the counterargument to prove atheism wrong - Puddleglum actually just gives up on the debate and uses an argument from emotion instead. But I'm not sure what is being subverted - Flat Earth Atheist? One of the Strawman tropes? The straw man is set up, but never knocked down and that seems to be intentional.
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