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02:24:10 PM Nov 10th 2016
Double Meaning trope seems completely wrong: One of the main causes os psychopathy is a gene mutation (on MAOA gene) that makes the brain produce too little of the MAO enzyme, this is called the warrior gene. Why on earth would someone give a psychopath a medicine that causes him to have even less MAO on his system?
08:08:15 PM May 20th 2013
Could Bach's Goldberg Variations "Aria" be considered Lecter's Leitmotif (they used it to that end in the film of Hannibal) mixed with Real Song Theme Tune?
07:36:28 AM May 13th 2013
There's a fair bit of confusion on the pages concerning this series, with Red Dragon being separate, the franchise being placed under the name of a single book/film, and there being no separate pages for the books and the films. Would a thorough tidy-up be in order or are people happy with the way the page is as it stands?
07:10:02 AM Oct 20th 2013
I think it could use a good cleaning and reorganization. There's way too much information for just one page.
05:12:08 PM Feb 6th 2014
I would like separate pages for Hannibal Rising and Hannibal (Ridley Scott movie).
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