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10:18:21 PM Aug 7th 2017
One-Gender Race: The Khepri, who subvert this trope by having males that are giant non-sapient scarabs. The females are humanoid and intelligent, but have giant scarabs for heads.

- Why should a race with two sexes and sexual dimorphism be considered a subversion of One-Gender Race?
07:45:03 AM Aug 19th 2017
Because the Khepri *seem* to be a one-gender race, given that all intelligent, civilized Khepri are female, and so you would never meet a male when interacting with them in polite society. This appearance is subverted by the fact that there are, in fact, males, but they are so bizzarely different from the females that they aren't even a part of Khepri civilization as such.
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