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02:00:32 PM Mar 15th 2016
Plane's number in the book is C-1984. This seems worth mentioning. It's always referred to phonetically, though. C-one-niner-eight-four.
04:44:42 PM Jun 4th 2012
The Literature section of this page desperately needs some love. So far I've added what I could remember from when I read it about a year ago. I'll try to add more in the coming weeks once I find the time to re-read it.
03:36:52 AM Nov 10th 2014
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I think there's a mistake in the information for "Kids are cruel". Richard leaves Boston without getting caught or turned in. It was Laughlin that was turned in by two kids, and it was in Topeka.
03:39:12 AM Nov 10th 2014
I see you are fixing it yourself.
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