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10:30:38 PM Nov 29th 2012
Rabukurafuto deleted the following on Nov 29 2012 at 4:19 PM:

  • Unfortunate Implications - Talia, the princess who was raped, is also a lesbian, and given some conservative's ideas about the causes of homosexuality it comes across as creepy and insulting. Acknowledged and regret expressed for in this post on his LiveJournal. The rape isn't a canon explanation, though some characters in-universe likely believe it.

Since I reviewed the definition of Unfortunate Implications and believe the example to fit, and since Rabukurafuto did not give an explanation, I am restoring the example.
02:42:47 PM Jul 23rd 2012

  • Hot Amazon - Talia, blessed with the fairy gifts of beauty and grace, uses them to become a better fighter. Varisto certainly seemed to think she is this since he proposed to her.

Hot Amazon was transplanted to Amazon Chaser. There is not enough context here to tell if this is misuse, or a good example. If this character is attracted to her because of her Amazon-ness, please return it to the main work page under the correct trope name.
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