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02:17:15 PM Jan 29th 2014
I need to go through this again and distinguish film from book tropes, because it has them confused, and I forgot about it in my cleanup pass.
06:28:28 AM Jan 23rd 2013
The third paragraph of the description starts "In a plot against the throne, Buttercup is kidnapped..." but my impression upon reading the book was that this was just the first iteration of Humperdincks plan to create a pretext for a war with Guilder.
11:23:44 AM Dec 18th 2011
  • Gray and Black Morality: Our heroes are primarily mercenaries, pirates, and miracle workers with questionable professional ethics. Your Mileage May Vary, as some may feel that the characters transcend their seedy backgrounds, while others may view them as cynical deconstructions of fairy tale characters.

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