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03:54:35 AM May 21st 2017
Idiot Ball

current text: Idiot Ball: It is established quite early on that the possessed are deadlier the more of them are grouped together. In spite of this, Jacqueline Couteur has her (obviously phony) request for a trial granted, along with two other possessed. In the same room. Without any precautions to prevent them using their powers. With high ranking military officers in attendance who have vital intelligence about The Organisation's next strategic target. This goes about as well as you'd expect.


It's been a while since I read it, but this is a bit of a judgement made harsher in hindsight that it turned into a debacle and a near-disaster.

Couteur asking for legal representation and a public trial wasn't just a maneuver to get her into a better situation to escape. It put the military people holding her without charges into a quandary. Given that they were torturing the shit out of her trying to figure out how to make things unpleasant enough that the possessor would leave without first killing the host and were holding her without any legal authority. Some of the military folks wanted a judgement to CYA. And some didn't and felt there was nothing to be gained and a large chance that things could go terribly wrong as they did.

And they did use restraints on the prisoners, they used a secure courtroom which could be sealed and gassed, they did have heavy machineguns pointing into the courtroom at the exits. And at least one of the attendees came to the session wearing his service sidearm, fully loaded. And the possessed didn't escape. They did as noted manage to torture some critical information out of one of the people caught in the courtroom when it was sealed, and Couteur managed to "upload" the intel into the Beyond by killing her fellow possessed conspirators. Which was bad.

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