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12:22:09 AM Apr 7th 2014
Is there a reason why all three books and all four films are merged into a single article?
03:00:30 AM Apr 7th 2014
Because it started off like that?
09:00:10 PM Apr 7th 2014
Regardless, I feel like this should be split into three articles. One for the three books, one for the three Swedish adaptations, and one for the American adaptation.
12:28:07 AM Mar 30th 2012
I found something interesting in the last few pages of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."


"The idea that Sweden's economy is headed for a crash is nonsense," Blomkvist said.

The host of She on TV 4 looked perplexed. His reply did not follow the pattern she had expected and she was forced to improvise. Blomkvist got the follow-up he was hoping for. "We're experiencing the largest single drop in the history of the Swedish stock exchange—and you think that's nonsense?"

"You have to distinguish between two things—the Swedish economy and the Swedish stock market. The Swedish economy is is the sum of all the goods and services that are produced in this country every day. There are telephones from Ericsson, cars from Volvo, chickens from Scan, and shipments from Kiruna to Skövde. That's the Swedish economy, and it's just as strong or weak today as it was a week ago."

He paused for effect and took a sip of water.

"The Stock Exchange is something very different. There is no economy and no production of goods and services. There are only fantasies in which people from one hour to the next decide that this or that company is worth so many billions, more or less. It doesn't have a thing to do with reality or with the Swedish economy."


Larsson had a pretty Objectivist understanding of economics for a lefty.
02:56:00 AM Mar 30th 2012
Oh, that has got to go under Hilarious in Hindsight.
04:33:55 AM Oct 9th 2011
Umm, isn't the purpose of separating tropes for each of the books is to save people who've just started reading from spoilers? Then why is the first trope in the first book is clearly a spoiler from the second book?
04:53:52 AM Jan 15th 2012
Good point. In fact, with the release of the Fincher version I'm starting to wonder if maybe there should be a separate page for the first book/movies, considering how much better known it is to English-speaking audiences than the other two?

11:27:12 PM Feb 28th 2012
I think there should be separate pages for the books and the films period (like pretty much every other page on this site).
04:13:08 PM Sep 25th 2011

  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: One of the Millennium reporters discovers a conspiracy about overcharging for toilets. Even the other characters can't believe they are wasting time on it. It ultimately brings down Erika's boss at SMB, forcing her to resign and return to Millennium.

from YMMV, because it's simply not true. I've just finished reading the book and I don't recall anybody considering it a waste of time; when the reporter just mentions that he discovered something about toilets, the others are confused and demand explanation, but once he's done explaining, they all think it's a great story. And it is (it's not only about overcharging). Also, as mentioned, it's actually important for Erika's subplot.
02:11:54 PM Feb 18th 2011
edited by Hadri
Actually, never mind.
07:09:00 AM Feb 15th 2011
Natter Removal

From troper Kobbe, for the "Pragmatic Adaptation" heading on the Hornet's Nest section.

" This troper was fascinated with the ending, since in the book, Lisbeth invites Mikael into her apartment, but it is made clear that they will just be friends, while in the film, Mikael just chats with her on the stairs before leaving again, but the looks on their faces and tensions in the air sort of imply that there still might be something romantic between them. Rather tasteful in a way, if you ask me."
06:59:40 AM Nov 29th 2010
edited by DiScOrDtHeLuNaTiC
Okay, this was poorly formatted as well as being Nattered to hell and gone. I split the page into 4 sections, one for tropes that applied to all the books/films, and one each for the individual books/films.

Cut the Abusive Parents reference to Zalachenko. It was stated several times that he never hurt Lisbeth or Camilla, just their mother. Kept in the Dragon Tattoo section re: the Vangers.

Cut Adaptation Decay. There's no point in saying there will be AD before the first scene has even been filmed.

Cut Amateur Sleuth re: Blomkvist. He's an investigative journalist, that's not "amateur".

Cut Badass as an overarching entry and split it into different forms for the individual sections.

Cut the meat of Dark Action Girl and reworked it into Disproportionate Retribution, rewrote Dark Action Girl.

Cut Escapist Character and reworked the general idea into Waif Fu.

Cut Ironic Nursery Tune, WTH was it even referring to?

Cut Iron Woobie. It's covered in Determinator.

Cut Meaningul Name, most of it was a stretch. Comparing "Salander" to "salamander" to "dragon"?

Cut Pintsized Powerhouse. It's covered in The Combat Pragmatist and Waif Fu.

Cut Rule Of Cool/Critical Research Failure re: Lisbeth's trial. Lisbeth never accused Teleborian of sexual harassment, and there was no proof available to the court that supported her claims of mistreatment until the trial.

Cut Sex Is Evil And I Am Horny. Rape is evil; lots of the characters have plenty of sex.

Cut Stalker With A Crush. All Blomkvist did was basic research on someone who had done a FAR more intrusive job on him, and he went there with a job offer, not for any untoward purpose.

Cut Stepford Smiler re: Lisbeth. She prefers Death Glare.

Cut Straw Misogynist. Original entry sounded like it was written by a misogynist.

Cut Wish Fulfillment re: Mikael. It's covered in Author Avatar and Self Insert Fic.

Split The Man Behind The Man into two parts.

Added Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance, Death Glare, Does Not Know How To Say Thanks, Harmful To Minors, I Am Not Pretty, Impossibly Tacky Clothes, Improbable Weapon User, Police Are Useless, Rape Is A Special Kind Of Evil, Screw The Rules I'm Doing What's Right, Star Making Role, The Stoic, Strange Girl, Tranquil Fury, What Could Have Been to the Trilogy section.

Added A Cup Angst, Badass Bookworm, The Immodest Orgasm, Modesty Bedsheet, Not Staying For Breakfast, Not What It Looks Like, Pragmatic Adaptation, Scars Are Forever, Secretly Wealthy, Sexy Back to Dragon Tattoo.

Added Bad Cop Incompetent Cop, Big Bad, Blond Guys Are Evil, Break The Cutie, Call Back, Disability Superpower, Downer Ending, Fair Cop, Fanservice, A Friend In Need, Government Conspiracy, Handicapped Badass, Hidden Villain, Jerkass, Pragmatic Adaptation, Pretty Little Headshots, Reasonable Authority Figure, Roaring Rampage Of Revenge, Screw The Rules I Have Connections, Things That Go Bump In The Night, to Played With Fire.

Added Bad Cop Incompetent Cop, Better As Friends, Call Back, Crazy Prepared, Dysfunctional Family, Epic Fail, Hidden Villain, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate, Precision F Strike, Prosecutors Fallacy, Running Gag, Secret Police, to Hornet's Nest

Split Asshole Victim, Complete Monster, Crowning Moment Of Awesome, Karmic Death, Moral Event Horizon and The Reveal into three parts, one for each book, because folding all three into one entry made them too long and took the impact away from each.

Moved Anti Hero, And Thats Terrible, Author Avatar, Author Existence Failure, Author Tract, Ax Crazy, Berserk Button, Bi The Way, Bishoujo, Black And Grey Morality, Bondage Is Bad, Bread Eggs Milk Squick, Break The Cutie, Broken Bird, Bunny Ears Lawyer, Captain Obvious Aesop, The Combat Pragmatist, Cowboy Bebop At His Computer, Crapsaccharine World, Creepy Child, Dark Action Girl, Darker And Edgier, Determinator, Door Stopper, Embarassing Nickname, Ethical Slut, Everyone Has Lots Of Sex, Fiery Redhead, Genre Busting, Good People Have Good Sex, Hollywood Hacking, Love It Or Hate It, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Master Of Disguise, Mysterious Past, Not So Harmless, No Womans Land, Obfuscating Stupidity, Older Than They Look, Pay Evil Unto Evil, Photographic Memory, Police Brutality, Private Detective, The Rainman, Rebellious Spirit, Self Insert Fic, Shout Out, Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped, Waif Fu, The Woobie, Write What You Know, to the "Trilogy" section.

Moved Abusive Parents, Alone With The Psycho, Aristocrats Are Evil, Big Screwed Up Family, Brother Sister Incest, Clear My Name, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Crowning Moment Of Funny, Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming, Defrosting Ice Queen, Different As Night And Day, Guile Hero, Hero With Bad Publicity, Hidden Villain, High Octane Nightmare Fuel, Intergenerational Friendship, Kick The Son Of A Bitch, May December Romance, Missing White Woman Syndrome, Moral Event Horizon, Nazi Nobleman, Oh Crap, Parental Incest, Playing Against Type, Product Placement, Rape And Revenge, Rape As Drama, Serial Killer, Squick, Stepford Smiler, Tangled Family Tree, Torture Cellar, Villain With Good Publicity, to the Dragon Tattoo section.

Moved As Himself, Bad Ass, The Brute, Did Not Do The Research, Disproportionate Retribution, The Dragon, Inspector Javert, It Got Worse, Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique, The Mafiya, The Man Behind The Man, Punch Punch Punch Uh Oh, Wham Line, The Worf Effect, to the "Played With Fire" section.

Moved Earn Your Happy Ending, Hot Amazon, The Man Behind The Man, No Guy Wants An Amazon, Thirty Xanatos Pileup, The Unfettered, The Worf Effect, You Are Not Alone, You Have Outlived Your Usefulness to the "Hornet's Nest" section.

Rewrote or Un-Nattered Abusive Parents, Alone With The Psycho, Author Avatar, Author Existence Failure, Author Tract, Ax Crazy, Bad Ass, Berserk Button, Bi The Way, Bondage Is Bad, Bread Eggs Milk Squick, Clear My Name, Crapsaccharine World, Dark Action Girl, Darker And Edgier, Determinator, Disproportionate Retribution, Earn Your Happy Ending, Embarrassing Nickname, Ethical Slut, Fiery Redhead, Guile Hero, High Octane Nightmare Fuel, Hollywood Hacking, It Got Worse, Karmic Death, Love It Or Hate It, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Master Of Disguise, May December Romance, Mysterious Past, Not So Harmless, Playing Against Type, Private Detective, The Rainman, Rape And Revenge, Rebellious Spirit, The Reveal, Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped, Squick, The Unfettered, Wham Line, Waif Fu, The Woobie, Write What You Know.

Very slight rewrite to Anti Hero, Aristocrats Are Evil, As Himself, Big Screwed Up Family, Black And Grey Morality, Break The Cutie, Broken Bird, Brother Sister Incest, Bunny Ears Lawyer, The Combat Pragmatist, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Cowboy Bebop At His Computer, Creepy Child, Crowning Moment Of Funny, Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming, Defrosting Ice Queen, Did Not Do The Research, Different As Night And Day, Door Stopper, The Dragon, Ethical Slut, Good People Have Good Sex, Hero With Bad Publicity, Hidden Villain, Hot Amazon, Inspector Javert, Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique, Love It Or Hate It, The Mafiya, The Man Behind The Man, Missing White Woman Syndrome, Nazi Nobleman, No Guy Wants An Amazon, Not So Harmless, Oh Crap, Older Than They Look, Parental Incest, Pay Evil Unto Evil, Photographic Memory, Product Placement, Punch Punch Punch Uh Oh, Rape As Drama, Self Insert Fic, Thirty Xanatos Pileup, Wham Line, The Worf Effect, Write What You Know, You Are Not Alone, You Have Outlived Your Usefulness.
02:00:22 PM May 16th 2010
Cut the Beware the Nice Ones example. The character in question isn't a nice person pushed over the limit, their niceness is just a front.
09:32:12 PM Nov 22nd 2010
Does anyone else feel that Lisbeth is something of a Mary Sue? In the film of the first book, she's superlative at everything she does, is never called out on doing anything bad, and is the savior of the nominal protagonist while solving her own problems.
10:26:15 PM Nov 22nd 2010
Her status as one of the best hackers in Sweden is the only superlative thing about her. Otherwise she's enormously flawed. Over-contrived, maybe, but that's not the same thing. or bad.

If anyone has a case of the Sues its Mikael, whose sexual escapades in particular smell of wish fulfillment and who seems more than incidentally similar to Larsson. But he's more of an audience viewpoint character and larsson uses his own voice more often than Blomkvist to explain things he doesn't like.
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