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08:29:50 AM Jun 13th 2013
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So I added a lot of stuff to this page, I'll make a list when I finish, but I've only made two edits before. I'm not sure how many of them are accurate. If any awesome Genre Savvy tvtropers can check them, that would be great!
10:00:22 AM Jun 13th 2013
You've done a really good job so far! I've tidied a few bullet points for you and done a couple other minor tweaks, but that's all.

Hm, could you expand on the entries under The All-Seeing A.I. (when does it come up that the CII knows everything?), Big Damn Heroes (what does that guy do which is heroic in such a big damn way?) Compelling Voice (who does that thing compel to do what?), and Mind Rape (what specifically does the Cradle do?)? At the moment, they're Zero Context Examples, which means that they won't make sense to casual wiki readers who aren't already familiar with the series.
12:34:37 PM Jun 13th 2013
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Ahh ok :) I'll go elaborate on them! Thanks!
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