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10:22:27 PM Jul 20th 2013
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It is interesting the way the two sisters swap names and roles from version to version. Always, one is fair-haired and one is dark-haired; one is loved by Uncas and lusted after by Magua. But which one is which - that switches back and forth.

In the book, Cora, the older sister, is not only dark-haired, but not entirely of white ancestry (her mother was part Afro-Caribbean). She is by far the more strong-willed of the sisters, and it is she whom Magua desires as a wife/slave. It is implied, but never outright stated, that Uncas is also attracted to her, and that she does not reject him as she does Magua. Alice, much younger, is a blue-eyed blonde of fragile and sensitive temperament, who loves and is loved by Duncan Heyward. Hawkeye isn't particularly interested in either of the Munro girls.

In the 1936 film Alice is the older, dark-haired sister, the love interest of both Heyward and Hawkeye (no mention is made of her mother's ancestry at all). This love triangle is not quite settled at the film's end, although she appears to be leaning toward choosing Hawkeye. Cora is the younger, very blonde sister, who is lusted after by Magua, and falls in love with Uncas (and he with her - this was considered very daring in 1936!).

In the 1992 version they have switched again. Cora is the older, dark-haired, pragmatic sister, loved in vain by Heyward, and develops a mutual attraction with Hawkeye (the original script included his asking her to marry him). Alice is the younger, fair-haired (more of a strawberry blonde this time), fragile of both body and mind (she spends much of the film nearly catatonic), loved in vain by Uncas and forced on Magua as a mate by Tamenund (Magua, in this version, wanted to kill both sisters and had no sexual interest in either one).
04:22:15 AM Feb 20th 2012
The wicks are sorted: all references to the film specifically go to Film.The Last Of The Mohicans, except indices. If someone wants to split a page for the film alone off this page, only the redirects have to be changed.
06:36:19 PM Jul 23rd 2013
That should probably be "filmS", given that the 1920 silent and 1936 b&W versions are not forgotten (and that the 1992 version draws on both of them, though more from the 1936 version).

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