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11:19:47 PM Feb 27th 2015
Removed this trope entry. As written, the example rests entirely on information given in The Lord of the Rings. The name Sauron is not revealed in The Hobbit. As this is a page for The Hobbit, please write up an example that relies on information given in The Hobbit.

02:02:02 AM Dec 30th 2013
Genre Savvy is when characters draw on their knowledge of stories they've heard to decide on their own course of action. Neither of the entries under Genre Savvy mention a character actually doing that. As written, all the examples boil down to "character thinks or acts logical" or "character displays reasonable caution", which is not Genre Savvy (and probably isn't a trope at all). Pulled.
  • Genre Savvy:
    • Smaug asks Bilbo, How in the world is he going to carry all that treasure home? Answer: he only took what two ponies could carry.
    • The people of Lake Town see that the river from the Lonely Mountain is turning golden, and think the dwarves have succeeded in their quest. Bard, however, is immediately suspicious, and orders that the bridges to the town be cut and everyone arm themselves - "The dragon is coming, or I am a fool!" He's absolutely right, although thankfully the people are quick to do as he says, meaning Smaug didn't take them totally unawares.
    • The trolls are described by the narrator as being completely stupid, but they do have their moments. This is exemplified when they ask Bilbo if there are anymore Burrahobbits sneaking around, and Bilbo in a moment of Too Dumb to Live answers "Yes, lots, no none at all!" The trolls become mighty suspicious, Bert wanted to hold Bilbo's toes over the fire to make him talk, because he didnt want to have his throat cut in his sleep. However William in his moment of Too Dumbto Live wants to let Bilbo go and uses the fact that he caught him as justification. This causes a "gorgeous row" between him and Bert, while Tom stays out of it and tries to bring them to their senses by whacking them with a stick, which only makes them madder. Also when the dwarves show up, Tom says "Lots and none at all, it is, no Burrahobbits, but lots of these here dwarves. Thats about the shape of it!" And they waste no time, in sacking the dwarves, so they can cook and eat them.
10:11:54 PM Dec 30th 2013
Good call.

Here's my thoughts on those points:

06:08:38 AM Dec 31st 2013
Yes, Genre Savvy does not mean "smart."

First and third definitely don't count. Second probably doesn't, but it could. Like Hodor said, depends on his logic.
08:45:41 AM Jan 1st 2014
edited by
I made entries for Didn't Think This Through and Properly Paranoid from the first and the second example. I don't see anything tropable in the third.
07:39:58 AM Oct 7th 2013
RE recent edits by Lord Gro. I understand that they were trying to make the page readable as a standalone work, rather than relying on readers also having a knowledge of the rest of the Legendarium, but I have some issues with the tropes just being deleted, since some of them clearly apply to the Legendarium as a whole, such as Cerebus Retcon. Do you think they would be better being put on the Lord of the Rings pages, or on the page for the Legendarium as a whole?
10:13:51 AM Feb 19th 2012
I'm dying to make a character sheet for the Hobbit, but should we wait till the movies comes out? Or can we do what is done with Lot R and have separated sheets for the book and movies? In that case, we could already make character sheet for the book and later make new one for the films.
10:31:33 AM Feb 19th 2012
Make a character sheet by all means. You definitely don't have to wait for the films to do that. When they come out the info can either be added to the original page or a new one made.
11:09:20 AM Feb 20th 2012
Okay, I kick-started it. It's still just a skeleton though, and looks kind of embarassing atm... I'll keep adding tropes to it the best I can in the midst of my real life works.
11:18:26 AM Oct 23rd 2010
Shouldn't someone create a new page at The Hobbit for the information about the live-action adaptation? That's what we did for The Lord of the Rings, after all.
08:11:05 PM Oct 23rd 2010
Yep. And the beauty of the wiki is that you can do it yourself. :-)
01:22:19 PM Oct 27th 2010
OK. I'm not a movie fan, so someone else will have to add more detail, but I'll make it.
07:48:06 PM Jun 18th 2010
Do the symbols on the spine and edges of the book actually mean something? They're Anglo-Saxon runes, that much I know, but do they form a coherent meaning or are they just stand-alone?
04:13:29 AM Jun 19th 2010
The runes of the cover of The Hobbit tell (in phonetic English) the book's title, the author and the publisher (That's why they are slightly changed in newer versions by a new publisher). Wikipedia even has a detailed section on the ''Hobbit'''s design and illustration.
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