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10:49:47 AM Aug 21st 2014
In cleaning bad Example Indentation and Natter, I removed this bit from Jumped at the Call:
  • Justified: At the time, the Rabbi would choose their successor this way between their pupils, all of which should know the full Law by then (becoming a Rabbi being the dream job back then). The apostles weren't educated from their childhood but instead had become workers, so it was kind of a really unexpected honor for them.
As written, it is too wordy and framed as a Justifying Edit, but maybe it contains some worthwhile explanation of what Jesus is doing when he "calls" the Apostles. I don't know how true it is, though.
12:19:52 AM Jan 20th 2013
Wait, why is Jesus spoiler-tagged?
01:25:46 AM Jan 20th 2013
Spoilering his resurrection is a running joke on these pages.
07:25:59 AM Apr 17th 2014
Pretty much a case of It Was His Sled at the very least, though?
11:10:56 AM Aug 21st 2014
Yes; it's not done seriously.
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