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02:29:55 PM Dec 20th 2011
I would translate the line "Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt" not as "I'll need force" but "I'll use (ge-brauchen) force" which is the more likely meaning here.
12:57:51 PM Dec 21st 2011
I changed it. I also moved the translation to Synopsis.The Erl King. It just gets in the way on the main page.
11:32:01 AM Dec 14th 2011
edited by LordGro
I moved this page to Literature.The Erl King rather than to Literature.Erl King (even though it previously was in Main.Erl King), because the ballad's title always seems to contain the article in English translations.

Customized the title to The Erl-King (with the hyphen). Literature.Erlkonig is a redirect, to be costumized as Erlkönig.