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05:26:30 PM Apr 14th 2015
I would disagree that Corellia is a space Yugoslavia. Sacorria, on the other side, is the trope taken up to eleven, as the Triad resembles the post-Tito joint presidency and a lot of other things remind me of what I grew up in, it's just that they added some Chinese or USSR-style people control stereotypes.
03:09:39 PM Aug 25th 2011
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Removed this:

  • The Wesley: Anakin. Fans subvert it by liking him.

How is he "The Wesley" if fans like him? Wesleyism is definied as Fans outright hating a character tha the author puts forward. You're probably looking for Canon Sue or a relative. Force Ex Machina is also a high possibility.

For Moral Event Horizon, I'm considering it an In-Universe example, as quite a few characters comment about it after Thrackan indulges in Evil Gloating over capturing said cousins-once-removed. Also, the instance of said M.E.H. precipitates what is effectively a Mook–Face Turn, as well as demonstrates what is effectively an M.E.H. for said "Mook"'s culture. Basically, the Selonians thrive on consensus, but violations of consensus, or consensus arrived at through false means, is anathama to them.

There are several more Tropes in play, but I can't write further because I don't have my copy of the books; they're 7 hours away at my parents' house. A Troper with the books can expand on them better. The Drall tutor and his contacts Needs More Love for one thing. Also, The description should be expanded. For now, here is a list of other Tropes I remember being in the work:

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Dramcus' reaction, IIRC, to the Selonian-viewed Moral Event Horizon.
  • Bring News Back: Played straight with a Republic Agent. Also inverted with a civilian later on. (Bring News [to the] Front.)
  • The Chick: Either Averted or Subverted with Gariel at Centerpoint: She goes on the mission thinking that the team may need somebody that has a Diplomacy Specialization... and as it turns out, the only person onboard is a Republic Loyalist. Heck, even C3-PO has moments where he's not The Load.
  • The Starscream: Thrackan wants the Sector for himself. He sees himself as Heir to the Sector Government. EDIT: I forgot to add this spoiler: The Communications Jamming was all his idea. The Bigger Bad merely wanted the Chief Of State pinned down to discuss terms.
  • Thirty Gambit Pileup (This one was on there before, but in an X, Just...X fashion.)

There is also at least one Death Trope as well. Listing that would be a spoiler in itself.

EDIT: Here is one more that is semi-spoilerific: Bigger Bad: The Human League and the various other rebellions are merely fronts of an off-world group. (Further info gets into Full-Spoiler territory.)
08:32:51 AM Dec 3rd 2013
Removed this last night:

  • Controversy-Proof Image: Thrackan! This guy has an ability to avoid controversy and censure that would make Reagan and Clinton jealous. The only problem is that he is a genocidal war criminal, which means he keeps taking power and turning Corellia into a fascist nightmare. Over and over again. At some point, you have to ask why the Republic never considered having him shot.

Up until The Reveal, Han thought Thrackan was dead and Thrackan was in a secret position within the Imperial's Sector Government anyway. He was trying to be a Dragon Ascendent, but Palpatine's death caused a collapse of said government... a collapse which held for the past 13 years.
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