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05:07:34 PM Feb 21st 2013
The Shapeshifting entry mentions that the beings from the Courts have the ability. Then it adds, "Also, the Unicorn." I'd be pretty confident in saying the Unicorn can change its shape, but I sure don't remember it actually demonstrating that ability at any point. Anybody remember that happening?
05:40:53 PM Feb 21st 2013
I don't, but I've only read the novels, not any of the short stories.
11:39:00 AM Apr 23rd 2013
edited by
Pretty sure whoever added the bit about the Unicorn was confused. Corwin and Gerard (I think) see the Unicorn when they bury Caine. I believe it is later revealed that this was in fact Oberon shapeshifted into the Unicorn.
08:02:42 PM Jul 22nd 2012
edited by Xtifr
This used to be at Main.Book Of Amber, but that's a term I'd never heard. There is an omnibus called The Great Book of Amber, but that's not exactly the same, and in any case, The Chronicles of Amber is what most other reference sites call it, including The Other Wiki. So, since I was moving it to the Literature/ namespace, I figured I'd give it the more standard name at the same time. (Just in case anyone was wondering.)

eta: cleaning up the wicks, I've found a whole bunch of cases where [[BookOfAmber The Chronicles of Amber]] appeared, so I'm obviously not the only one who thought the old name was wrong.
10:46:02 AM Feb 6th 2013
Should there be a Tabletop Games page for the RPG? It does have its own set of odd tropes.
11:53:35 AM Feb 6th 2013
There most certainly could be. It would need someone familiar with the game to make the page, though. A possible first step could be to soft-split the game examples.
10:23:40 AM Mar 12th 2013
Done it.
01:04:48 PM Mar 12th 2013
edited by Xtifr

Now there's a choice: you could make TabletopGame.Amber Diceless Roleplaying into a redirect that points back here. That would help people find the page, and set up wicks properly, but might make it trickier if someone wants to make the page, since not everyone knows how to edit a redirect.
10:09:44 AM Mar 13th 2013
I have no clue how to do either. I only set myself up for an editing account so I could correct certain spelling and grammatical errors that hurt my stomach to look at. Alas, like others before me, I got sucked into the time-sink that is TV Tropes...
10:57:32 AM Mar 13th 2013
Heh, I think everyone knows what that feels like. I've set up the redirect for now by adding [[redirect:Literature/TheChroniclesOfAmber]] to that page; the long explanation of how to make redirects can be found here. Thanks for the work you've already done!
04:56:12 PM Mar 19th 2013
Transferred a lot of tropes specific to individual characters to the Characters page. Also deleted a few of my own trope-referents that were just not all that important to the series. Should make the main page a more manageable length despite the split.
08:09:07 PM Mar 19th 2013
No, no, you shouldn't remove tropes because they're "unimportant". The wiki is all about tropes, and any trope, no matter how minor to the overall story, should be documented. What you really want to avoid is shoehorning—tropes that don't fit shouldn't be added—and the dread Zero-Context Example, which defeats the whole purpose of the wiki.
04:50:17 PM Mar 20th 2013
I thought one of the guide pages, for the sake of brevity, recommended restricting oneself to tropes that the subject features rather than ones that merely pop up here and there... Perhaps I merely over-interpreted the warning against shoehorning.
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