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10:19:03 PM Apr 12th 2012
Has anyone managed to find any good Temeraire fanfictions?
10:42:23 AM Aug 19th 2010
A sub-bullet for In Spite Ofa Nail reads "Despite all this, and Dragons being at least an order of magnitude more intelligent than humans, and apparently breeding very quickly, they haven't taken over the world."

Do we have any evidence in the books that dragon intelligence is that high? To be sure, most dragons are very smart and many have an aptitude for math that would qualify themselves as mathematical geniuses, but a full order of magnitude would be god-like intelligence.

I'd say that typical dragon intelligence is at the high end of the human-norm bell curve.
11:35:16 PM Dec 31st 2011
Well calling them godlike is overstating it but I would guess that given their normal intelligence level plus the long life with which to learn more I would say that they come out high above the average human.

02:43:23 PM Aug 2nd 2012
I'd say the Imperials (and Celestials) were distinctly bred for social intelligence - they're a long-lived sort of repository for Chinese culture in their original function. Temeraire shows varieties of curiosity and abstract thought that the English and African breeds don't really match. Clearly all of Novik's dragons have higher-than-human-infant capacities for linguistics, and all seem to have a gift for geometry - but all the ferals introduced have no social structure beyond that of a wolf-pack: I suspect their innate draconic selfishness prevents the development of social structures that would allow those with other intellectual talents to exploit them. In cases where they share a society on a mostly-equal basis, dragons like Lien and the kings of Tswana are able to live up to their potential, but it seems like that level of draconic intelligence relies on symbiosis with a human society.
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