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05:58:59 AM Feb 25th 2014
Is it Fantasy Contraception if it's an actual abortificant that she's picking? Rose hips were used as an abortificant.
12:24:08 PM Feb 25th 2014
Only if there is something in the text that suggets Janet wants an abortion. Getting in trouble with supernaturals for plucking their roses is a common story element in fairy tales (for example, in "Beauty and the Beast", where Belle's father incurs the Beast's wrath in this way). There is no intrinsic connection to abortions.
07:28:52 PM Feb 25th 2014
Except that Tam Lin asks why she's going to kill the "bonnie babe, that we got us between" this is the second time they meet.
11:56:09 AM Feb 28th 2014
You asked a question. I gave you the correct answer. Nothing more, nothing less.
04:35:40 AM Jul 27th 2012
I earlier filed this example under Romanticized Abuse, but that isn't actually the trope. Since Victim Falls For Rapist has been cut, we seemingly don't have a trope for this. Dumping it here; maybe the trope will some day come back.
  • It looks like Tam Lin raped Burd Janet when they first met. When she visits him a second time, she already refers to him as her "true love", and after she freed him from the power of the elves, they marry and (presumably) live Happily Ever After.
05:56:35 AM Feb 25th 2014
The amount of rapeyness varies from version to version. The verse about how he "asked no leave of she" is not in any of the versions recorded by Childe, I suspect, it may have been added to make Janet (or whatever her name is, it varies) more sympathetic. Not to say the fact that he takes the virginity of maidens passing through Carterhaugh isn't rapey in and off itself.
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