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04:47:48 PM Feb 1st 2012
edited by kuruptuk
Robotic Psychopath

He's so horrible to the guy because... it's tricky, I'll explain.

FOtNMC is a warship. The Culture is embarrassed that it needs warships, ashamed even. FOtNMC is required because without him, and those like him, The Culture would be destroyed by its enemies. He knows he is needed and fulfils a just purpose. He is hated for it though, he is a source of embarrassment and shame only for being what he is.

This man then comes along and basically says FOtNMC is amazing and the coolest thing ever and he'd love to be him. It's the ultimate, though unintentional, screw you.

An example; say there was a Minister for Protecting Paedophiles. He does a just job but everybody hates him for it. He'd have no friends and be infamous, he couldn't escape and be anonymous within his country. His life would be bad. Someone then comes along and says the minister has an amazing life and he'd like to be the him for a week. He'd only experience the good of doing a job that is required; his outlook that all is rosy would blind him, during his very short time as the Minister, to the less good aspects. You don't know what it is like to be someone else if you only walk up and down the corridor in their shoes, you need to walk the whole mile.
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