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06:31:16 PM Mar 29th 2013
...okay, I'll just ask. What the hell is this? I honestly cant make heads or tails of this entry, its like the entire page is pure gibberish. Am I missing something?
04:33:42 AM Sep 20th 2010
All ST Ds Are AIDS was cut — moving this material here since it refers to a non-existant trope.

  • All ST Ds Are AIDS: Played with. Buliod's doesn't kill anyone, but it does render its victims' reproductive organs completely useless - and with no other symptoms. As Astrabolo describes it: "A genocide in slow motion, where the horror (of being infertile) is purely psychological." Yet, is has about the same level of contagiousness as AIDS and victims are shunned from mainstream society the same as if they were AIDS victims.
    • An attempt by Yehtzigs to infect Viola with it fails when they threaten her with the Whixtitian-only strain. Since they only get her to breathe it and fail to poison her inklines with it, she fights it off easily, given she's a purple Gel Pen.
      • But in a further twist, since she's not a Whixtitian, her antibodies are useless for anyone but her and Pinkella.
    • Then there's the much-less-contagious Vornsid's disease. Precious few victims are claimed by it, but much like severe syphilis, it leads to insanity and eventual death. It also causes tumors (not that kind!) in the brain and targets those who are genetically susceptible. Deadly like AIDS, but behaves more like HPV overall.
10:03:15 PM Oct 5th 2010
A shame it was. All that material, and one less way to describe it. Why was it cut? I can't find any discussion on it.
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