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12:07:41 PM Nov 18th 2011
Back up of plot summary:

The story opens with Revan wracked with visions of his lost memories, much like during Knights of the Old Republic. This time, they warn of an unspeakable evil lurking in the Unknown Regions. He sets off with his trusty astromech droid T3-M4, and his Mandalorian friend Canderous Ordo. Their investigations lead them to Canderous' people searching for Mandalore's Mask, the symbol of leadership for the Mandalorians. They find the mask, and Revan tells Canderous to stay behind and lead his people. He then sets off with T3 for a planet called Nathema.

At the same time, Lord Scourge, a Sith Lord serving the Sith Empire, is sent by the Emperor to investigate several assassination attempts on Darth Nyriss, member of the Dark Council. He quickly discovers that not only were the assassination attempts carried out by another member of the Council, but they were part of a conspiracy against the Emperor, one Nyriss is also a part of. Nyriss frames this other Lord, Scourge kills him, and they pin all blame for the conspiracy on him. Nyriss then brings Scourge into the conspiracy by showing him how much of a Complete Monster the Emperor is, on the planet Nathema.

Revan is knocked unconscious after crashing to the planet's surface, and is captured by Scourge and Nyriss. They interrogate him, hoping to find some information as to why he is there.

The action skips three years to after Knights 2, where the Exile is attempting to find Revan. She too sets out with T3, and they find the Sith capital world where Revan is being held by Nyriss and Scourge. She contacts Scourge, who, after 3 years of waiting, has begun to doubt Nyriss and the other conspirators' willingness to actually carry out their plan. He has also been talking regularly to Revan, who he believes will be his best chance at slaying the Emperor.

They agree to free Revan then fight the Emperor together. Scourge reveals the conspiracy to the Emperor, who then orders the destruction of the Dark Council. In the confusion, Scourge and the Exile free Revan, whose memories are fully restored upon the return of his Cool Mask by the Exile. They go to face the Emperor.

The Emperor and Revan duel briefly, eventually being joined by Scourge and the Exile.
04:25:16 AM Nov 18th 2011
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Scourge has a vision of a Jedi who is neither Revan nor the Exile slaying the Emperor. In that instant, he betrays Revan and the Exile, slaying the Exile, while the Emperor knocks Revan unconscious. Revan is then kept in stasis so the Emperor can gain more information from him, the Exile's spirit guards Revan and helps him resist, and Scourge is promoted to the Emperor's right hand man, where he is granted immortality, and gathers information about the Emperor in preparation for the coming of the Jedi from his vision.
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