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05:10:57 AM Oct 31st 2016
edited by MrInitialMan
I think, like the [[Literature/Discworld]] entry, this could be broken up by book to make the list of tropes easier to read.
11:40:38 AM Sep 23rd 2016
edited by BURGINABC
My lack of familiarity with the series makes me hesitant to try to fix the problem, since I doubt I could do so optimally, but I must comment that the amount of sheer Natter on this page is just abominable.
09:29:02 PM Oct 27th 2016
edited by RepublicofE
I've read most of the books. It's been a while since the last one I read, but I could still probably do a decent job of cleaning it up a bit if you point out the most egregious examples.
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