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08:35:21 AM Sep 14th 2013
Hi folks I need a bit of help with an example(s) from a Special Efforts thread. See InstantDeathBullet Sandbox for more details Links to threads are in the description.

Any help, suggestions, or other info can be posted to The Special Efforts thread

So what we are looking for are examples of Instant Death Bullet. The Bit about the high power rifle head shot will be added back but before that is done are there any other examples?

  • Averted in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Terrorists take children hostage at an amusement park, and one of them shoots a little girl dying of cancer to show they're serious, thus crossing the Moral Event Horizon. He even justifies himself by saying the kid didn't have much time anyway. The sniper assigned to take him out intentionally misses the head and shoots him right in the liver with a 700 Magnum, assuring that he will die slowly and painfully.Justified later when one PIRA operative is shot and killed instantly. Given that he was shot in the head by a .50 MacMillan (which was used to utterly destroy a truck engine moments before) it was more akin to Your Head Asplode.~ its in there somewhere

07:39:46 AM Feb 22nd 2012
In order:
11:09:24 AM Feb 22nd 2012
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Code Name specifically allow for alphanumeric designations (It's in the page's very description) so Rifle Two - Two would be no different than an agent 007* or agent 86. It's a number. Someone would have that number regardless of that person's identity. Furthermore, Code Name's description does not exclude position-based code names. Tropes Are Flexible.

Furthermore, even if they weren't examples (and they are), Bear is. As you yourself just said. And you removed it. Please don't delete examples you yourself admit are valid.
09:35:16 PM Feb 25th 2012
These spoiler guidelines are moronic.
12:00:33 AM Feb 26th 2012
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12:02:57 AM Feb 26th 2012
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edit: especially since I already had to unspoil the edits so there