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09:44:50 AM Nov 28th 2014
Betts isnt an exampleof cChuckCunninhamSyndrome. In the 4th book, Daniel's ship has't got missiles, so he doesnt ship a missiles officer. Ptesumably Betts was assinged elsewher, and stayex there.
03:26:47 PM Sep 9th 2013
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Regarding the removal of Heterosexual Life-Partners: They may not have the hots for each other, but the following exchange from Ch 18 of When the Tide Rises suggests they're not straight, either:

"That's right, Leary," Bill LaPlant said. "And let me tell you, if Platt and his pansies think they can take things over now we've got guns, we'll teach him different!"
Dasi and Barnes stood against the wall on either side of Adele; they grinned at one another over her head. There was no need to make a point of it, but either man could've convinced the Granger that who you screw has nothing to do with how well you fight.
07:12:29 AM Sep 11th 2013
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I must respectfully disagree with your assessment. The text you cite is not terribly conclusive one way or the other. But more important, the Heterosexual Life-Partners entry specifically states that the two persons don't actually have to be straight, they're just not romantically linked. In essence, it's a variation of Platonic Life Partners where the two persons are of the same gender.
07:48:35 PM Sep 11th 2013
Whoops, missed the part about not necessarily having to be straight. My mistake.