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01:27:10 PM Mar 6th 2015
The Characters link on this page links to character tropes for the FILM Outlander, not the book series. I admit I haven't a clue how to go about rectifying this. And is there really no separate character page for the book/tv series? It's a popular one, so that surprises me.
01:18:36 AM Mar 7th 2015
It's a problem with the way wiki articles work today. There is no fix for it, but there will be in the future.
10:17:43 AM Mar 2nd 2015
edited by jaquellae
For the "what happenned to the mouse" entry: I had added the note that Jamie had dreamed he saw Claire thru a window and thought that was what electric lights looked like as a possible explanation. I just came across that dream in "A Breath of snow and ashes". The entry was removed with the note that the dream was about Jem using the phone. I vaguely rememer this event as well (as a separate event), but don"t remember which book it was in, probably happening in the last 2 books. Can anyone remember which book this was in?
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