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03:25:43 PM Apr 14th 2014
Alright, there's obviously a lot of YMMV stuff in the main tab that needs to be moved. I don't want to do it, because I'm still in the middle of reading the book. However, there's one thing that seems really questionable, even for a YMMV entry:

Unfortunate Implications: They run rampant. Among them: if you have a disability, you will be considered dumb, will have no friends, and will be pitied and pandered to by adults. Plus, there's the implication that any non-disabled person who acts friendly to you is putting on an act. Melody's doctor voices a big one when, during Melody's earlier childhood, he not only recommends institutionalization, but hands Melody's mom a brochure for a local one. (She tells him just where to put it, and leaves).

I mean, really? A lot of stuff under the tab isn't implications; people really will assume you're dumb if you have a disability similar to the one Melody does. You really will lack friends. You really will be pitied and pandered to by adults. That's not unfortunate implications in any way; that's just what really happens. I can kind of understand the one about non-disabled people only putting on an act to be friendly to you, but it doesn't really deserve to be there. Whether you liked this book or not, Draper did (or at least, from where I am, she seems to be doing) a good job of accurately portraying how people treat disabled kids. And I don't think we should put her under the unfortunate implications tab for that.
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