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07:15:50 AM May 12th 2014
The Messiah is no longer a trope. Please readd under an actual trope.
  • The Messiah: Iliana. Even the cynical Keller recognizes her beauty, compassion and purity:
    She was bending over Jaime so tenderly, tears falling like diamonds. Her grief - it was complete. As if Jaime were her own dearest sister. She cared in way that went beyond sympathy and beyond compassion and into something like perfect love. It transformed her. She wasn't a light-minded child anymore. She was almost...angelic.
09:17:06 AM Oct 3rd 2013
This is probably not the place but can anyone help me fix the typo in the Headscratchers/Night World page? I accidentally spelled it "Headsratchers"
09:27:55 AM Oct 3rd 2013
The way to do it is to move the content over to the proper page at Headscratchers.Night World and then cutlist the typo one. I've done so.
09:39:07 AM Oct 3rd 2013
Thank you so much. I'll pay more attention next time.
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