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01:32:13 AM Jul 16th 2012
edited by urielzet
Hi! I'm one of the tropers who's been editing the Newsflesh page since Blackout came out; adding quotes, some other tropes, among other stuff. Since I know I'm not the only one editing the page (and I think there really should be more), I'd like to bring up some topics for discussion:

  • Frankly, if the Newsflesh page had its own trope page, I think the first trope would be Department of Redundancy Department. There are a few references that keep being repeated across different tropes - the setting of Newsflesh, Shaun's, um... condition in Deadline, among others. Is there a way to minimize these redundancies? I think in the case of the description of Shaun, maybe it can be pinned down to just one specific trope, or hopefully at least two, separated with a slash.

  • One of the most annoying parts of the Newsflesh page, for me, is the Parental Issues trope. Aside from the obvious Disappeared Dad, Missing Mom, and Parental Abandonment, most of it is just a very confusing mess of finding different ways to say the same thing - that Georgia and Shaun have a lot of unresolved conflicts with their parents. In addition, Blackout depicts a very enlightening resolution of sorts when Shaun returns to the Masons' house. However, the tropes which that part of the story may have touched on can't really seem to be worked into the current structure of the section. Maybe I just don't have a better grasp of the Parental Issues trope itself yet, but I think something really needs to change with this section of the page.

  • A minor one: I'm not sure that Dr. Thomas definitely used a gun to kill himself. As in the quote I added in the Driven to Suicide section, all he says is that "I am about to get blood all over the walls." Given that he was a doctor, I think he may have just used a scalpel to slit his wrists, among other creative ways of suicide a doctor may come up with. My point is that he never mentions having a gun in the first place, much less using it to off himself. Then again, as I said, this is just a minor issue.
08:19:16 PM Jan 1st 2013
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Hello, Skylite (formerly known as Paradisca Corbasi) here, originator and maintainer of the Newsflesh page.

  • Going to have to get back to you after looking over the page. I think the tropes I mentioned are all relevant and accurate to the stories in the series.
  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by confusing mess of ways to say the same thing? There are a number of tropes under Parental Issues, and again, they seem relevant and accurate to George and Shaun's stated narratives - some of which are overlapping and redundant, yes.
    • Follow in My Footsteps: The Masons did want their kids to be robot duplicates of themselves — they never counted on George and Shaun realizing they didn't love their adopted children and cleaving to each other.
      • The Athertons wanted Becks to be a good little Stepford Wife, and disowned her for deciding to be an Irwin.

  • Ate His Gun is accurate. Allow me to explain why.
    • The person in question does make the clever/sarcastic comment about getting blood all over the walls. While he was, in fact, a professional of the type you described, this is a Zombie Apocalypse universe. It would be the height of irresponsibility, given where he works, to not use one.
    • Lack of mentioning having a gun in this universe is because it has already been mentioned repeatedly (see Department of Redundancy Department) that if one works in any field wherein one may come into contact/conflict with the infected, one has to have weapons training and a weapon on hand in order to settle such conflict in a permenent manner. It's almost certainly considered bad manners to suicide in such a way as to leave anyone to have to clean up the mess (as implied by Georgia's thoughts on the subject, and the Masons' rule on how to handle being outnumbered in a mob and short on ammo). So if one suicides, if one doesn't want to be so inconsiderate as to leave an amplified animated corpse walking around, one suicides with a gun. So is it possible the person in question might've checked out without a gun? It's possible, yes. But the likelier answer is that there was a gun since Georgia II was a danger of amplification based on experiences with the previous experiments. Also, HGTLHBTS makes it clear that if a body bleeds out entirely it will not reanimate. So again, inconsiderate. One only leaves an animate corpse if one has donated oneself to research after one's legal death.

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