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05:26:23 AM Dec 25th 2012
I'll admit, I haven't read the book, but I want to know something about Gillian's death. People seem to take issue with her death by toothbrush, but by and large, even with her biotics, isn't she just a human? A sneak attack with a toothbrush-turned-shiv should be plenty to take down someone who doesn't have any sort of defenses. That kind of thing might be considered absurd with a krogan, but not a human.
02:20:44 PM Dec 25th 2012
I think it's a combination of the absurdity of a toothbrush as a murder weapon (although one hears of much stranger improvised weapons, especially in prison where people have to get creative) and the general way her death comes across as a bridge drop. It's plausible, but that doesn't make it well executed. No pun intended.
09:55:45 AM Apr 23rd 2012
edited by SamMax
Shouldn't Main.Mass Effect: Deception redirect to Literature.Mass Effect: Deception?
12:55:28 PM Apr 23rd 2012
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