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04:31:02 AM Nov 15th 2013
What happened to the trivia section?
05:59:42 AM Nov 15th 2013
There weren't any valid trivia items on it, so the page was blanked. If you can think of a trivia item, feel free to add it there.
07:11:06 PM Feb 24th 2012
For some reason I'm reminded of the end of this book every time I hear "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. Anyone know why?
05:28:52 PM Apr 16th 2012
Well I think of the song Blackbird by the Beatles when I read about Simon's death and Be Prepared from The Lion King when it comes to Jack.
11:56:21 AM Oct 20th 2010
Even back when I was a wee kidlet reading this book in school, I knew there'd be slash fic about Jack and Ralph.
02:10:35 PM Oct 20th 2010
I personally thought Simon had the hots for Ralph.
11:23:20 PM May 18th 2011
Totally. The staring, the stroking, the admiring. Oh Simon.
06:25:57 PM Sep 16th 2011
04:17:32 PM May 14th 2012
Well, Simon was always a little...odd. I wouldn't hold it against him. It may also be a religious thing, too, like how in the Bible Jesus would heal by a touch. And don't forget that he's also notably younger than Jack, Ralph, and Piggy - he may have just been looking up to Ralph in the way younger kids do.
09:58:11 PM Sep 7th 2010
Did anyone just find this book...well, badly-written? It's not a good story at all.
04:30:39 PM Oct 10th 2010
Review it, talk about it.
12:12:55 PM Jan 8th 2011
I never had to read it for school. Just read it now. I'm 19. Even knowing what was coming (though not the specifics) through cultural osmosis, it was TERRIFYING AS HELL.

And mind you, I actually kept expecting them to stoop to cannibalism, what with Piggy's Meaningful Name and all. O.O

The characters were interesting and well-rounded and weren't just stereotypes. It was, IMO, a very well-written book.
10:02:38 PM May 7th 2011
I am currently reading it as an assignment, and am finding it enjoyable. The dialogue is quite realistic, and very much sticks in the mind. Besides for that, IMO, the way that Golding goes about showing the passage of time just doesn't do it for me.
04:15:52 AM Sep 2nd 2011
I feel as though it is quite well written. Personally, I love Golding's descriptive writing as the image of how the island looks like is forever engraved into my mind, all via words. The dialogue is snappy and entertaining, and seems legit for what schoolboys would say. Although the book is intended to be of allegorical nature and the characters merely symbols, the characters were well fleshed out and lively- not cardboard cutouts. You could enjoy the book as a story about boys and enjoy their misadventure, or you could enjoy it as an allegory. Either way I found it entertaining, humorous in many parts and then reality starts to kick in. It might be a little old fashioned and pessimistic, but I still think it reigns superior to many other horror stories written later. There's just that classic feel to Lord of the Flies that makes it so endearing- the characters are always there to get attached to and the plot and writing style is spine-chillingly brilliant.
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