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02:13:36 PM Aug 10th 2014
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I've noticed (both here and other places) that most readers/viewers seem to prefer the character of John Brown to Pedro. Does that make John/Tita the fan-preferred couple to Pedro/Tita or is it more of the case of "John doesn't deserve to be treated like that"? When I read the book, I was kind of hoping that Tita would marry John but also realized that she didn't really love him and it wouldn't be fair to him.
12:57:17 AM Aug 11th 2014
"most readers/viewers seem to prefer the character of John Brown to Pedro" seems like they like John Brown more than Pedro, which isn't noteworthy really, If it means that they prefer a particular ship to the canon relationship, then that'd be a Fan-Preferred Couple.
01:04:46 PM Sep 19th 2014
I meant to be asking for opinions but it wasn't conveyed very well. I'm not very familiar with this book's fandom so do fans generally want Tita to end up with John or do they think that John deserves better than Tita?
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