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03:08:58 AM Nov 23rd 2010
I've only seen the 2010 remake, can someone explain the whole "Abby isn't a girl" thing for me? I get that his balls were cut off, but why?
12:41:41 PM Nov 30th 2010
Not balls, everything, all of it. The book is pretty clear that it happened at hir becoming (using a gender-neutral pronoun because Eli never explicitly claims a gender), but isn't too clear about why. It seems to have been a whim, or a quirk, of the one who made hir. (I suspect Lindqvist wrote material fleshing out that part of the story, but it got cut from what was undoubtedly a gigantic manuscript. That a common reason for story points that could go somewhere, but don't, and leave a 'thereby hangs a tale' feeling.)
11:46:59 PM Jul 21st 2011
For the record, while Eli (from the book and Swedish film) is a castrated male, Abby (from the remake) might not be: a deleted scene showing her becoming a vampire suggests that she is, in fact, a female.
01:49:40 PM Oct 2nd 2010
So now that Let Me In is released, should tropes from it be put on this pages, mixed in, or in a new page?

Considering the book and film are already mixed together, I think any new tropes should just stay on this page.
02:07:43 PM Oct 2nd 2010
I recommend the opposite. The new film Let Me In should get its own page. Americanizations tend to change things a lot.

If there is significant divergence between the film and the book of Let the Right One In, then there should be a page for the film in the Film namespace, a page for the book in the Literature namespace, and a disambiguation page here.
05:20:09 AM Oct 3rd 2010
To be honest, there's no a lot of difference between the film and book, the only difference is things that are left out of the film.

Let Me In is similar to that, it sticks fairly closely to both the original film and book, with the only major differences being, again, things left out and one new character added. Well, that and it now being set in America with new names. Other than those superficial differences (it looks the same overall, snowy isolated town), it's very similar.
07:46:08 AM Oct 3rd 2010
Why not just make different sections on the same page? Like just a header of "Tropes applying to the original film/novel" and "Tropes applying to the remake"
04:49:30 PM Oct 14th 2010
I agree with Eleanore

don't create a whole new page, just make a line-break
07:55:32 PM Aug 1st 2011
It would be awesome if someone could do something - I had only seem the original movie and was really confused. If I get around to reading the book I will try...
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