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04:03:48 PM Aug 1st 2013
I deleted this part from the description. We have a policy not to put spoilers in the article above the examples.

The result? Reginald comes to visit her in London just before she's expecting Mainwaring, so she sends him to Alicia Johnson's with a letter ordering her friend to keep him occupied until Mainwaring is gone, but Reginald arrives at the Johnsons' while Alicia is out and Mrs. Mainwaring has come to complain to Mr. Johnson about her husband's infidelity. Reginald quickly learns the whole story about Lady Susan's and Mr. Mainwaring's affair and can deny the truth no longer. He writes Lady Susan a letter assuring her that "the spell is broken" and returns home. The novel's last letter is written by Catherine Vernon to her mother, lamenting that Lady Susan has taken Frederica from Churchhill back to London; she fears for her niece's emotional health and safety and has little hope of her ever marrying Reginald now. A Conclusion reveals that, after much coaxing and entreating and cajoling on Catherine's part, Lady Susan finally (apparently) relented and allowed Frederica to visit her aunt and uncle again. Three weeks after her daughter's departure, Lady Susan married Sir James Martin. It took Reginald de Courcy a year to overcome his broken heart and bitterness towards the fair sex in general before he could finally return Frederica's affection and marry her. All lived Happily Ever After... except poor Miss Mainwaring, who "was defrauded of her due by a woman ten years older than herself."
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