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06:35:16 AM Aug 25th 2014
Somewhere the trope was lost, but I'm not sure which would apply, so from what was located beneath Roaring Rampage of Revenge:

  • The fancy "see people through walls" devices used in Rainbow Six were based on a fraudulent device shown off in a rigged demo to the US Army that Clancy had heard about (before the fraudulent part was discovered).
  • Comanche helicopters with stealth technology built in are used in special operations against Japan in Debt of Honor before the project was canceled by the second Bush administration (although, only three helicopters are used, and they are explicitly in testing before being called into service, so it's possible that they're prototypes).
  • The 'Star Wars' missile defense system that is at the center of the plot in 'The Cardinal Of The Kremlin' was cancelled before even reaching the prototype phase. This gets lampshaded in a later book.
  • Another missile defense note, this one from The Bear and the Dragon(2000) The climactic terminal-phase intercept of the Chinese ICBM heading for Washington D.C. was somewhat conceivable in the late 1990s when the subject was being kicked around (and the book was written). A decade later, terminal-phase ICBM intercept has been banished from US National Missile Defense development.
  • Also from The Bear and the Dragon As of the mid-2000s, the Chinese nuclear arsenal had grown hugely in sophistication, numbers and mobility (specifically solid-fuel road-mobile ICBM's that can fire on virtually no notice) from what Clancy describes as a viable special operations target.