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12:52:44 AM Jan 23rd 2016
This site says Imaro is part of the sword and soul genre and that there are other books like it.
08:52:23 PM Jan 23rd 2016
Glad you started a page on this series. It's been on my TBR list for a long while and this reminded me to check it out.

Regarding the genre, I've seen that "Sword and Soul" term used recently- I think the author of Imaro actually coined it.

I initially read your post as commenting that the series was "Sword and Sorcery" rather than "Heroic Fantasy", and that is a difficult distinction to make. I get the idea that the difference is that Sword and Sorcery is specifically about protagonists who are "rogues", whereas heroic fantasy is broader in terms of protagonists, but as the name suggests, often includes warrior types (which is why Conan the Barbarian is an example of both- since depending on the story, Conan could be a rogue or a warrior).
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