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03:32:21 PM Sep 28th 2012
With regard to the Meaningful Name entry, is there *any* evidence that Susan Calvin was named after John Calvin?

The entry is very natter-y, and I think it should be removed. What does the troper-mind thing?
03:37:58 PM Sep 28th 2012
The character's father's name is also John Calvin, but other than that I'm not pulling anything up from a Google search.
06:15:33 PM Aug 14th 2012

Zero-Context Example. The trope page doesn't give any context, either.

I can think of several Asimov stories that might be considered examples of this trope, but none of them are in I, Robot.
06:26:20 PM Aug 14th 2012
"Evidence", "Reason", and "Liar!" all are possibilities, IMHO. Especially "Evidence".
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