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07:47:40 AM Nov 13th 2013
Pulled this example (and attached Justifying Edit):

  • Society Marches On: Flinx's chronic insecurity about his origins seems a bit over-the-top, now that in vitro fertilization and sperm donation are common and acceptable reproductive options for infertile couples. Granted, being the product of illegal genetic tampering isn't the same thing, but merely having been conceived in a petri dish doesn't seem at all estranging or shameful today, when people once trumpeted as bizarre/Orwellian "test tube babies" are living normal adult lives.
    • Part of this, however, is know that his original are criminal in nature, and the persecution that he is subject to because of them. Also, the discovery that he did not have specific biological parents get him upset more because of all the time and effort that he has devoted to finding his biological parents.

Flinx isn't insecure because of being a test tube baby; he's insecure because of being a product of the Meliorares, who were using a fertility clinic as a cover for ruthless genetic experimentation, producing monsters that had to be mercy killed as well as a few quasi-normal people with Psychic Powers. It's clear that the forces in the Commonwealth that would seek him out and experiment on him or "normalize" him are doing so because of the extreme nature of the Meliorares' work, not because of some inherent fear of genetic engineering.
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