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05:12:34 PM Jul 7th 2011
I'll be keeping a close eye on some of these new edits. I have to say, they add a lot more to the page, although I disagree with some of the spoilers and syntax. Several of these elements are too trivial to be considered spoilers, so I will confer with several tropers I know in person, and make my edits accordingly.
02:34:15 AM Aug 31st 2010
edited by tehnubkilr
  1. Twenty Minutes Into The Future: The time of the novel. The exact date is never revealed, the closest we get to it is when Matt reads a book on the history of Opium, and looks at the author's bio. We learn that the author won the Nobel Peace Prize, but Matt stops reading the book before the year is read.

  • If one goes by the statement Tam Lin makes about a TV show ending its run a century before the story, you can probably estimate the novel taking place at least after the 21st century.
If it takes place after the current century, it is no longer twenty minutes into the future but instead, just the future
09:43:46 AM Dec 15th 2011
edited by tehnubkilr
I'll look into it: it looks like the information doesn't really do anything, so I may simply have to remove the entire thing. On another note, the "young" aspect is unnecessary in "current young century" ... "current century" will suffice.
07:40:21 PM Mar 17th 2010

  • Did Not Do The Research: Matt having El Patron's handprint D'oh.
    • It was a DNA scanner, not a handprint reader, therefore, he would pass it.
10:20:54 AM Nov 23rd 2012
It was both. DNA and fingerprints were supposed to match.