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12:55:37 AM Nov 26th 2013
Ok, throwing this out there: I can't be the only one who doesn't like the whole "Cabal/Perpetuals" subplot, right? It doesn't seem to make any sense in terms of the larger narrative, nor does it seem to connect in anyway with the "modern" 40k setting. And they seem to be heroic one moment and then villainous the next. Anyone else out there think this was just a bad idea?
12:35:42 AM Jan 5th 2014
As with everything in the 40K universe, no-one is ever pure good. Take into account the idea of blue and orange morality, and the fact that all xenos hate Humankind, though they hate Chaos more.
10:59:59 AM Mar 2nd 2013
Just finished reading The Outcast Dead. Do the Emperor's final words actually mean that he knew all along, or that he just was agreeing with Kai's statement? It seems as if it could be either, but the phrasing is ambiguous (could get really meta and say that it's intentional?)
12:43:13 PM Mar 2nd 2013
Put the words in spoilers so I can read them because that may jog my memory.
04:13:06 PM Mar 6th 2013
edited by Calandir
"But you're going to die..." "I know" said the Emperor.
08:45:10 PM Mar 6th 2013
Ah that. I think it was meant to be ambiguous, but I don't think he wanted to. It's not like he waited to be wounded, he just hesitated because he still had a soft part for his son.
08:46:20 PM Mar 12th 2013
Thanks. It just seemed like the general consensus on the page was the Emperor already knew significantly before Kai told him, but it read as ambiguous.
01:54:17 PM Aug 23rd 2013
My thought that the Emperor deliberately made Imperium in such a way to provoke Horus Heresy. Maybe he had views not unlike of Istvaanian Inquisitor. See, Istvaanism.
11:40:34 PM Jan 3rd 2012
Blatant Lies:

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't read Prospero Burns...

but 'there are no wolves on fenris', is absolutely true. There aren't; all the Wolves are implied to be failed applicants to become Astartes/
11:14:42 PM Dec 22nd 2012
Which include Brom, I believe.
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