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02:31:49 PM May 16th 2012
edited by aryllia
Regarding the "Dirty Rat" trope.

It was questioned why the other marauders didn't suspect anything when Peter's animagus shape was a rat (an animal with really bad rep). As a rat owner this troper would like to clear up that rats are some of the most social and cuddly pets she has ever owned. They aren't completely unlike kittens: playful, cleanly and with a penchant for snuggling up against you and share body warmth.

Though I doubt that Peter would be very snugly, a cursory check in a "how to care for yr rat" book would paint a very amiable picture of the animal. This troper would much prefer rats over dogs (scary animals - especially the big ones and Sirius was a Grim look-alike to top it off) and deer (over-grown garden pests that brings death and destruction to any back yard in the countryside).
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