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03:58:20 AM Oct 17th 2012
edited by Jonn
Bear in mind though, that pre-Traviss Halsey was rather absurdly over-powered, intellectually speaking, bordering on Canon Sue (apparently being the foremost human expert in slipspace theory, powered armour engineering, AI creation, human augmentation and Forerunner research, among other things), generally got her way regardless of circumstances or plausibility and had her adventures in child-abduction and experimentation for the purposes of creating superhuman storm troopers to enforce the will of the central government on Earth conveniently hand-waved by the supposed existential threat posed by colonial seperatists, whose motivations for trying to violently remove themselves from the control of the UEG were barely touched on if at all.

I can't recall anything about Halsey being a slipspace expert, much less the foremost one. She managed to fix a slipspace engine in Ghosts, yes, but that was in an emergency, and she points out that she could easily have killed herself. AI Creation? It's mentioned, briefly, that she assisted in AI development, and had some experience in the area herself, as demonstrated by Jerrod, but again, never said to be the best. Human Augmentation? ONI was able to improve on her S-2 work with the S-3s, so maybe not. Forerunner research? Maybe, but that was because her job at the time of Reach was actively researching them in the area under Sword base. Not that ONI clearly didn't have some knowledge themselves. Glasslands itself actually has her surviving only because of said Forerunner expertise, in order for it to be used for Infinity. The only reason the Innies are glossed over is because the Covenant are, objectively, a much greater threat. It's like worrying about stepping on an ant nest in bare feet while there's a hungry lion running toward you.
10:29:17 PM Nov 22nd 2012
Detailing all of them would take too long, so I instead link this.
05:46:37 AM Jun 4th 2012
Should we rename this entry "The The Kilo-Five Trilogy"? That's the name of the series, and we don't call "The Forerunner Saga" just "Halo: Primordium".
12:06:09 AM May 27th 2012
All these entries are way too subjective. I should be getting information on what the book is basically about, not someone's feelings on how Karen Traviss handled things in it.
05:45:46 AM Jun 4th 2012
Sometimes the things are too out there to avoid.
01:59:19 AM Jul 17th 2012
The problem is, the book is so focused on the author's feelings towards how the series should be handled, that it perferates every page of it. I said it in my review, and I'll say it again: Every. Damn. Page. Is so filled with the "Halsey sucks" message that it majorly affects the quality of the book, and there's little else to talk about. Heck, even the climax, which should be an awesome moment, was obviously skimmed over by the author because she couldn't wait for what came after it, and guess what that was? Surprise surprise, another step in the Humiliation Conga she lovingly put together for Halsey.

I'll try put aside my seething hatred for the book and look for more tropes, but really, the best one to describe it is Writer on Board.
12:44:07 PM Sep 5th 2012
They really aren't subjective at all, Traviss rewrote established cannon to suit her wants. The reason its slightly mean is she rewrote all the good parts.
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