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10:11:21 PM Aug 8th 2013
Saf's grace is that he's a portal to Roald Dahl's Dream Country from The BFG
08:27:28 AM Aug 8th 2013
From the article: "Foreshadowing: Cashore is a master of it."

She's so masterful that she didn't even use it! Seriously, if you're going to make a claim like that, you have to give at least one example - I read Graceling and I didn't notice any foreshadowing at all, other than a single Chekhov's Gun.
10:09:16 PM Aug 8th 2013
In the Epilogue of Graceling, Katsa and Po wonder about Leck's history. What're Fire and Bitterblue about?
04:08:48 PM Aug 29th 2013
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I'm not sure that's enough to call Cashore a master of foreshadowing, although it should definitely go in the article.
07:48:04 PM Jan 14th 2014
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1. Katsa mentions that she's good with fire. She later turns out to be Graced with... Something else. 2. Po's Grace is hinted at many times before the big reveal, including when he trusts Katsa after she thinks that she doesn't want to hurt him, and when he smirks when she thinks that he's attractive. 3. Fire never thinks of her father's SUICIDE, only of his DEATH. 4. Saf tells Bitterblue to dream, and she does, even when it is shown explicitly to be abnormal for her to dream as such. I can't think of any more right now, but those are right off the top of my head.
07:12:48 PM Aug 5th 2013
TP already had a headache cure that turns their hair blue.
02:38:54 PM Feb 12th 2011
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I put in a Your Mileage May Vary Tab, though it doesn't seem to be showing up on the main page. :/
08:23:54 AM Jun 11th 2011
It does.
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