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01:08:41 PM May 10th 2015
In order to Crosswick the trope The Stateless, I wanted to add the following entry:

  • The Stateless: In Outlaw of Gor, Tarl Cabot is returned to Gor and discovers that his city-state Ko-ro-ba has been destroyed by the Physical Gods of the world and no person from Ko-ro-ba may associate with any other; hence he is literally an outlaw, someone outside the law of any city-state. This situation remains until the end of the third book, at which point Korobans are allowed to rebuild their city.
09:48:42 PM May 10th 2015
Done. You might want to ask here though.
05:49:23 PM Mar 10th 2015
edited by mlsmithca
Per discusssion at the Edit Requests for Locked Pages thread, I've copied the following Zero Context Examples here to the discussion page:

If anyone can expand these examples to the point that they properly explain how the tropes in question are used, please post the expanded example to the "Edit Requests for Locked Pages" thread in the Frequently Asked Questions forum.
07:48:46 AM Jan 12th 2014
The Hunter DOES have a name - Ost, and the Queen refers to him as such.
12:42:18 PM Nov 17th 2013
Kurii genders: The article mentions four genders for reproduction, but actually there are three - Males, Females and 'Blood Feeders', living incubators that look like giant furry sea urchins. The 'fourth gender' are non-dominant Kurrii males, but that's of course not a true gender in the sexual sense. It's unclear how these should be taken, but they don't take part in the mating rituals. It's possible they're meant to be gays; since female Kurrii don't get a say in whether they mate, gay females - a hypothetical 'fifth gender' - of course doesn't enter into the equation.
10:45:51 AM Jan 2nd 2014
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Zarendargar, the Kur general who tells us about the Kur race, says that Kur scientists themselves aren't sure if "non-dominants" are truly a fourth gender or not. In allgedly rare instances a non-dominant can become a dominant. In Kur of Gor we see this happen with a non-dominant Kur nicknamed Grendel. See here for quotes.
06:40:03 PM Jan 13th 2013
If you would be so kind as to add this to the trope page:

  • Crashing Through the Harem: Played straight and subverted a few times in the novels. The harem girls are usually slaves, and although a master may be possessive of his possessions, it's generally acknowledged that any free man can use a female slave for his pleasure at any time her master isn't putting her to use (in either a sexual or non-sexual way).
02:10:26 PM Jun 19th 2012
Examples cut and page locked per CV Thread
10:36:41 AM Dec 22nd 2012
I'm glad that examples have been restored. There are a lot of non-pornographic tropes in there.
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