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07:48:46 AM Jan 12th 2014
The Hunter DOES have a name - Ost, and the Queen refers to him as such.
12:42:18 PM Nov 17th 2013
Kurii genders: The article mentions four genders for reproduction, but actually there are three - Males, Females and 'Blood Feeders', living incubators that look like giant furry sea urchins. The 'fourth gender' are non-dominant Kurrii males, but that's of course not a true gender in the sexual sense. It's unclear how these should be taken, but they don't take part in the mating rituals. It's possible they're meant to be gays; since female Kurrii don't get a say in whether they mate, gay females - a hypothetical 'fifth gender' - of course doesn't enter into the equation.
10:45:51 AM Jan 2nd 2014
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Zarendargar, the Kur general who tells us about the Kur race, says that Kur scientists themselves aren't sure if "non-dominants" are truly a fourth gender or not. In allgedly rare instances a non-dominant can become a dominant. In Kur of Gor we see this happen with a non-dominant Kur nicknamed Grendel. See here for quotes.
06:40:03 PM Jan 13th 2013
If you would be so kind as to add this to the trope page:

  • Crashing Through the Harem: Played straight and subverted a few times in the novels. The harem girls are usually slaves, and although a master may be possessive of his possessions, it's generally acknowledged that any free man can use a female slave for his pleasure at any time her master isn't putting her to use (in either a sexual or non-sexual way).
02:10:26 PM Jun 19th 2012
Examples cut and page locked per CV Thread
10:36:41 AM Dec 22nd 2012
I'm glad that examples have been restored. There are a lot of non-pornographic tropes in there.
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