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11:37:42 AM Aug 3rd 2016
Removing this example under "Irony," rephrased the general idea to an example for At Least I Admit It, with fewer spoilers that I think more accurately represents Amy's character.

  • When she fakes her death, Amy rants about the "Cool Girl" and notes that she can finally be herself. However, she never really stops pretending - she puts up a masquerade of 'Nancy' while on the run, then once she gets robbed by Greta and Jeff and is forced to call Desi, she begins acting like Desi's version of "Cool Girl" in order to lull him into a false sense of security. Then when she comes back to Nick, she's still playing the part of "Cool Girl" to the general public. This may be why Nick tells Amy in the final lines of the book that, all things said and done, he feels sorry for her.
06:57:04 PM Jul 29th 2016
Does Amy Dunne qualify for the Faux-Affably Evil trope? Particularly in the book. In her internal monologue, Amy describes the psychotic actions she does to frame Nick like bleeding herself out and stealing Noelle's pee to appear pregnant like it's no big deal. In addition, when she talks about Nick cheating on her with Andy, she acts like it doesn't bother her but it's clear she's barely containing her rage. Is that enough?
11:39:45 PM Dec 30th 2014
Shouldn't the film tropes be on the film namespace instead of the literature namespace?
01:19:56 AM Dec 31st 2014
If someone is willing to split the film off to its own page, yes.
08:13:33 PM Oct 3rd 2014
Um excuse me but is it all right if the trope Femme Fatale is included in this page cause Amy Dunne is considered as one since she kills someone and Nick decided to stay with her .
01:23:18 AM Oct 4th 2014
That is not nearly enough to make the Femme Fatale trope.
07:45:39 AM Dec 16th 2013
Main page had a YMMV entry: If you know the work, please move it to the YMMV page, with context.
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