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12:48:16 PM Jun 11th 2014
"Working Title: Fear was originally going to be called 'Darkness'. Grant had to change it because it was too long to fit on the cover with the font the designer used."

Needs to go to the trivia section but we don't have one for the FAYZ series and I don't know how to make one.

06:27:09 PM Sep 4th 2013
Why is it a spoiler that Little Pete's arc words in Light are "It is wrong to hit."? It doesn't make sense to someone who hasn't read the book, but it doesn't exactly ruin any plot twists or anything.
09:13:41 AM Apr 3rd 2013
GONE needs a tearjerker and nightmare fuel page, anyone know how to add it?
11:18:33 AM Apr 3rd 2013
Go to Tearjerker.Gone or NightmareFuel.Gone and start editing. The icon will show up automatically.
10:18:01 AM Jun 6th 2013
Both have now been created.
08:42:54 AM Jan 19th 2013
I added a "Funny: Gone" page. :)
01:55:45 PM Dec 28th 2012
Would anyone be up for a fridge page or a ho yay/les yay page? Because one definately seems needed. Sadly, I only joined TV tropes yesterday and ur...I don't know to make a new page.
06:50:37 PM Nov 18th 2011
Shade's Children is a novel by Garth Nix with a rather similar premise from what I can see on this page. Are there any links between the authors/publishers, is this just a rip-off, or is it significantly different enough to be original?
09:02:09 AM Nov 19th 2011
The premise itself looks similar, with the lack of adults. I've never read Shade's Children, but it looks significantly different from Gone.
05:50:57 PM Feb 27th 2012
Books about kids surviving in a world without adults and towns under domes are actually quite common premises for books, and the take Michael Grant has on it is fairly original, particularly after book one. Similarities between the two books are probably just common tropes, although I've never read Shade's Children, so I may be wrong. However, there have been many similar questions, e.g., did Stephen King rip off Under the Dome from The Simpsons or from the ARC he got of Gone, and generally, the answer is no; they're just not as unique of an idea as many people think. Although Michael Grant does freely admit that he took a lot of elements from Lord of the Flies.
10:38:38 PM Jun 23rd 2012
I *have* read Shade's Children.

The premise (no grown-ups! and it sucks! and it's all due to evil aliens!) just isn't that unique. Well, the last part is somewhat novel, but not that much.

Other than the premise, the stories are incredibly different, so much so that it didn't even occur to me to compare the two until I saw this question. They're both incredibly depressing books (series), though.
03:57:28 AM Aug 19th 2011
Trying to make a character sheet . . . Gone Hoping that works.
08:42:00 AM Jan 19th 2013
Thanks for making that. It's awesome. :)
09:15:50 AM Apr 8th 2011
In the Twofer Token Minority entry, Dekka is described as "threefer" because she is black, lesbian, and a moof. Anyone think this would actually make her a "fourfer," - as in, black, homosexual, women, and moof???
01:26:53 PM Apr 8th 2011
Women make up 51% of the world population. Not sure about the FAYZ, but in the rest of the world, males are the minority.
10:36:44 PM Jun 23rd 2012
And yet, women are not represented proportionately in most media, meaning that women CAN default to being "a minority" (even though we're not really) in some stories.

But I think there's sufficient meaningful female presence in this series that her being female does not give her minority status. Extra minority status.
10:19:46 AM Jun 6th 2013
I don't think being a woman should count as a minority. Sure, they're a bit underrepresented, but we're not talking about minorities in media, we're talking about minorities in real life. Women are certainly not minorities in the real world, and it's nothing unusual for a book to have a woman in it.
08:27:59 PM Oct 17th 2010
There is this line in Lies when Astrid is trying to comfort Sam, that reminded me of a trope:
Sam: Don't, you just make it harder.
Astrid: Is that a joke?

However when I went to look for it all I can find is Accidental Pervert, which I don't think quite fits.
02:31:09 AM Nov 21st 2010
It seems like Sam is the Accidental Pervert and Astrid catches wind of an (accidental) Stealth Pun.
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