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03:39:22 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Neglectful Precursors are a kind of precursor, so no need to list both tropes. Talking about a finger doesn't require also mentioning the hand it's attached to.
08:22:04 PM Aug 22nd 2011
So... anyone else unhappy that the novel ends with a military coup?
10:19:12 AM Aug 27th 2011
Did it, though?

Calling one single incident a coup seems a bit much, even with the incident in question.

Now, if the Admiral and the rest had continued to act as the actual leadership, that would be something else entirely.

And, BTW, there's a thread in the Literature forum that's probably a better place to discuss things. The discussion pages are more usually used for discussing TVT-related technical/mechanics issues, and thus don't get quite as much action (so to speak).

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